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I love how living plants and dried plants alike, can be used to create beautiful environments! Take for example dried twigs. These can make borders when laid a certain way or they can provide architecture for arrangements or room partitions! Even old dried vines can add character to a myriad of things. Next time you head for the compost pile maybe reimagine the material in a new way! Happy repurposing!

Our Vision

Is to uplift friends, neighbors and strangers through sharing in this great gift of nature! To grow inspiration like a weed!!!

Walking the Dog

​Gardening 101


You would be pretty amazed to know that a pile of leaves isn't just good for jumping in and providing an array of beautiful color where they land. But leaves left to themselves will produce leaf mold..... an amazing fertalizer for your garden!  Use unchlorinated water and those little microbes will bless your plants! AMAZING Tip from my AMAZING Dad!!!!

Plant a Vegetable Patch


Did you know that radishes are on of the fastest growing seeds...... great for littles.  And micro-greens are great for the kiddos attention span and tummies! Give em a try!

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