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Decorate Your 


With Plants!

About Us

Rooting For Friends is a place for great ideas about starting an Awesome movement in your area! Watching plants flourish and people flourish!

​Seasonal Plants

This space was created for showing the Greatest of love to one another. It is for getting outside of ourselves and making our communities Awesome!!!!!

​Gardening 101


Some of the best tools for gardening are those that would end up in the recycle bin! Some examples......

egg cartons make great seed starters containers! And Baked goods with their clear plastic containers make great little green houses. A chop stick makes a great tool for preparing the soil for seeds.  See what you can look at in a new way!

Plant a Vegetable Patch


Did you know that you can cut the ends off of quite a few veggies and get something that you can plant in the ground and grow? Yes!!!!!  My most favorite is the amazing and beautiful onion!

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